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For Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, our team collaborates with one of Turkey's leading immigration law firms. Our legal expertise includes also corporate law, tax law, and intellectual property law. We are present during all phases of the citizenship application process. Our legal team of experts saves our clients' time, effort, and money by meticulously monitoring and paying attention to all details of the investment process. Our professionals will guide you through each and every phase of your investment journey. 

Property Investment 

For investing to a property, we present all the profitable property options according to our clients' requirements taking into account all the details as return on investment, rental income expectations, capital appreciations, financial banking supports, etc. In most cities of Turkey we have treaties with most of the high qualified property projects - commercial and residential. We know that as worldwide investors, our clients are eager to understand and participate in potential investment opportunities in Turkey.

Residency &
Work Permit

For the clients who need residency permit only, we work on permits in the fast way to support their stay in Turkey. Also for the expats or employee transfers to Turkey, we get the work permits for the whole family members before or after travelling to Turkey. We work for reputable companies and international reqruitment agencies who reqruits  foreign employees. Our legal team follow up all the process for the residency and work permit application.  

GoForGlobal Consultancy


As GoForGlobal team, our goal is to provide the best service in the fastest and easiest way possible, based on the demands of the clients from all over the world. 

We support you with our most experienced lawyers and most profitable property investment opportunities in Turkey.

With our team of proffessionals for legal services and property projects, we provide high qualified service for your demands and expectations; ensure that you receive the best service in line with your decision.​

The success we have provided to hundreds clients to date is the guarantee of the quality of service you will receive.



“I am so happy to work with Goforglobal for my Turkish citizenship application and property investment . We bought a fantastic house and all my family got our passports easily. Thank you to the all team.”


Reza Mehmeti

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