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As of 2018, the required wage to be a Turkish citizen has significantly dropped from US$1 million to US$250,000. By 2022 the amount is currently US$400,000.

Buy real estate worth of US$400,000 , directly obtain the Turkish Citizenship. 


This revised citizenship by investment program is arguably the most optimal one in the world.


The whole process is usually completed within 3 - 4 months.

Application Steps

Making investment to purchase a property

Obtaining approval certificate

Apply for resident permit

Apply for Turkish Citizenship 

Obtaining Turkish Passport



Government citizenship fees are reasonable – just US$400,000 plus minor government due diligence and processing fees.

No interview, education, language test or management experience is required.

No residency requirements and dual citizenship is permitted.

Turkish citizenship offers visa-free travel or upon arrival/online visa to more than 115 countries. Such countries include Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, South American states, most of the Southeastern European states, most of the Middle East (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar etc.) and more.

Additionally, Turkey is expected to obtain visa-free travel to the EU as a prime candidate country.

Full free Medical assistance for life covering all family members.

Free education and university reimbursement plans are provided.

No need to declare your wealth.

Ability to sell after 3 years and secondary purchasers of real estate can qualify for CBI.

Turkey is a member of NATO, G20, European Council, Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe, OECD, Economic Cooperation Organization, Islamic Development Bank, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization.

legal services

Legal Services

Legal Services in relation with Buying a Property:

Opening Turkish Bank Account, Obtaining Turkish Tax ID,

Conducting review on the Property and land registry records (legally reviewing and verifying that the property is debt free),

Reviewing and execution of the Property Sales Agreement (“PSA”) on behalf of the Client;

Issuing mandatory insurance, which is renewable on a yearly basis,

Execution of Notary proceedings,

Execution of land registry proceedings on closing of the purchase of the property via Power of Attorney to be issued by the Client (“Closing” for each purchase transaction);

Banking Transactions:

Opening the bank account in Istanbul/Turkey on behalf of the Client for the transfer of the Purchase Price and depositing any amounts received or paid in Turkey.

Upon written confirmation of the Client via email, Transfer of the Purchase Price to Seller on behalf of the Client on the date of Closing;

Obtaining Citizenship Services:

Providing legal advice and representation services to Client in the line with TurkishCitizenship Law No. 5091 amended by Presidential Decree no. 106 and execution necessary legal and administrative proceedings for obtaining Turkish Citizenship by the Client.

The work undertaken will be currently subject to a value added tax of 18% or any rate applicable from time to time, to be separately charged to Client.

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