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Frequently Asked Questions

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Let us please clarify some thoughts you may have in mind.

1. How does citizenship application process work in Turkey ?

When the client buys property valued above USD$400,000 in Turkey, the request for Turkish Citizenship is made to the General Office of Land Registry and Cadastre. The application and Title Deed is submitted through the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. GoForGlobal works with leading law professionals in Turkey. Throughout the process, our legal team will not only guide you but save your time and effort!


2. Shall my family get Turkish citizenship ?

Yes, the client’s wife/husband and all children under the age of 18(on the application date) and disabled children of any age will receive Turkish citizenship.


3. What is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation?

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation verifies with sworn appraisers if the value declared on the Title Deed is correct and above the USD$400,000 specified amount. All the property value should be paid by bank transfer directly to the Sales department of the Property Developer.


4. How can I calculate the exchange rate of USD and TL?

On the application date, the Title Office calculates the value from Turkish Central Bank selling rate at the time of transaction.


5. How long does this process take ?

Citizenships are processed fast - up to 180 days. The Turkish government is eager to reduce the time. We keep our clients updated and work our best to hasten the journey.


6. Do I need to pass any interview, education, language test or qualification check ?

No, there are no prerequisites.


7. Do I need to declare my wealth ?

No, the clients doesn’t need to declare any asset/income.


8. Is dual citizenship allowed ?

Yes, the Republic of Turkey recognizes dual citizens.


9. Is there a residency requirement ?

No, there are no residency requirements at all.


10. May I buy commercial properties for rental income and receive Turkish Passport ?

Yes, any property bought, as long as it matches the specified amount, is counted.


11. It seems complicated to apply and get Turkish Citizenship. Will I receive adequate assistance for this process ?

The GoForGlobal team provides 24/7 support throughout the whole process and we are in constant touch with our clients. Our customers' satisfaction is our utmost aim. We happily provide new homes and opportunities since 2004 and consider our new co-citizens as part of the GoForGlobal family.


12. I do not have time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish citizenship ?

The client doesn’t need to come to Turkey as there is no residency requirement. Our highly experienced legal team will specifically assist the needs for each customer and will cover all the informative and bureaucratic aspects of the process. Additionally, there will be alternatives for remote showcasing of the properties. Finally, we possess multiple physical operative offices outside of the United States and Turkey. Notably, in the Middle East, China, India and other high demand countries.


13. How many people may apply for one Title Deed ?

Only one person and his/her first degree relatives can get the citizenship.

14. Do my mother and father obtain citizenship in Turkey ?



15. Which nationalities may apply for Turkish passport ?

All nationalities who are able to purchase property in Turkey are eligible for Turkish citizenship by investment.


16. What are the required documents for citizenship ?

GoForGlobal team assists you with all required documents needed to be submitted after you purchase your property with us.


17. I bought property in Turkey previously. May I apply for citizenship now?

Title deed applications after 20.09.18 may obtain Turkish citizenship by investment.


18. Since citizenship process might take 6 months time. Do I get Residence Permit on the application process ?

Residence permit is granted to you and your family prior to obtaining the passport.


19. Is there any critical point that I should know?

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation wants to be sure that the value is a minimum of USD $400,000. Sworn property valuation companies verify that the price is correct to prevent fraud. Appraisers might have up to %5-10 deviation (difference) than its sales price. Therefore, GoForGlobal advises you to buy selected properties from Turkey’s leading developers with special introductory pricing.

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